One of the main reasons for the underrepresentation of women in various employment sectors is the difficulty of reconciling work and family/private life. In particular, in the industrial sector, which is a male-dominated sector that has suffered greatly from the effects of the economic crisis, it is necessary and essential to promote and strengthen the role of women and the promotion of equal opportunities and balanced representation of men and women.
Collection, Review and Analysis of Policy Documents and Legal Framework on the reconciliation of work, private and family life.
Knowledge development and exchange of experience and good practices between Greek Industries and Industries of Iceland exposed by EDDA Centre of Excellence.
Conduction of primary field research (qualitative and quantitative) on representative sample of women employees in Greek Industry and employers.
Development of policy recommendations according to Project’s findings on the reconciliation of work, private and family life.
Production of reliable results on time use by integrating a Gender Perspective for the first time in Greece, via the analysis of data provided by the Hellenic Statistical Authority.
Promotion of knowledge and excellence in the field of Gender Research.
For the successful implementation of the Project the following institutions/organisations will cooperate: the Research Centre for Gender Equality (KETHI) as Project Coordinator, the Centre of Gender Studies of Panteion University, the Federation of Attica and Piraeus Industries (SVAP) and the EDDA Centre of Excellence in terms of bilateral cooperation.