The Research Centre for Gender Equality (KETHI) is the Project Coordinator and undertakes the following activities:
Scientific Coordination and Project Management.
Field Research on: a) 1,000 women employees in Greek Industries, and b) 50 employers of Greek Industries of Athens and Piraeus in order to collect, analyse and combine both qualitative and quantitative data on work-life balance issues as well as to examine the ways and strategies of reconciliation of work and family/private life, the difficulties and obstacles encountered in this effort associated with gender stereotypes and perceptions of the traditional roles of men and women.
Policy Recommendations by taking into account the findings of the implemented actions. Its purpose is to draw policy guidelines, given by the research findings. The Final Project Report will identify priorities and actions for the facilitation of work-life balance and will propose realistic targets for the promotion of gender equality plans and actions based on the evidence provided.
Evaluation of the Project. A comprehensive evaluation of the Project will be carried out and include an assessment of relevant input, process and outcome variables.
The Centre for Gender Studies / Research Committee (Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences) as Project Partner undertakes the following activities:
Literature Review and Policy Analysis on the reconciliation of work, private and family life. The partner will collect, examine and analyse existing policies and legal provisions’ implementation by private sector industries on the reconciliation of work, private and family life in Greece.
Meta-Analysis of Data on Time Budget Survey.The Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT) conducted –for the first time in Greece– the Time Use Survey in households (TUS) with reference period March 2013 to February 2014. The primary data of the survey will be provided by ELSTAT and further analysed for the purpose of the Project. In particular, quantitative review/meta-analysis will focus on generalizing data across groups of people and explain phenomena related to the Project’s object.
The Federation of Attica and Piraeus Industries (SVAP) as Project Partner is responsible for the organisation of a Workshop Joint Action on Good Practices of the reconciliation of work, private and family life in order to ensure the dissemination of knowledge to stake holders and practitioners.
The EDDA Centre of Excellence (University of Iceland) is responsible for the development of bilateral relations: presentation of good practices that were developed by Icelandic industries during the economic crisis period in order to facilitate employees to reconcile work, private and family life.